About Us

Massimo has been established within the ‘Dolce Vita Carpet’, which has a long history with 40 years of carpet experience of the Taşkıran family, in order to take its place among the brands we define as “Luxury Brands” in the world.
Our Premium and Custom Made carpets, which are made only from natural yarns in our product range, are made with the goal of being the first world brand to come out of Turkey.
Produces natural fibers such as tencel, viscon, bamboo, wool in special patterns and special sizes for yachts, jet, hotels and houses.
The Massimo brand is the first brand in its class in Turkey.
Massimo Carpet, on a project basis and in accordance with the order from the customer engaged in site specific design, functionality and comfort as well as to ensure the perfect rug helps to give an extraordinary touch to the place you want